Why is my baby's sleep routine not working?!


"Do you have a set routine for your baby? And do you watch the appropriate wake window?"

Can I be honest and just say that it's depressing when you read stories after stories of successful sleep routines,

And you feel like you're the only one failing.

I mean, we know the *drill* right?  

Wake up, feed, change baby's diaper, play, rock, put the baby down when drowsy, sleep.

But why doesn't it work?! For me at least.

Do you have a set routine?

Yes, I do. When my babies were young, my anxiety was through the roof when they were sick or when it came down to their napping/sleeping schedule.

I monitored their awake time like a hawk, never letting them stay up for more than 1.5-2 hours since they last woke. I fed, changed their diapers and played with them. 

When it's time for them to wind down and nap, I would bring them to a quiet room, cuddle and rock them. So they would know it was wind-down time and it's almost time to sleep.

But when I put them down drowsy, they would startle themselves awake. Then they would start crying because they wanted me to pick them up. 

So I pat their bottoms and hush them to sleep.

And I patted them for 1 hour before they finally dozed off. That's okay. Consistency is key right?

It would get better and once they're used to it, they won't need as much patting. 

And hopefully, they could nap/sleep independently. 

Well that was the dream my friend

In reality, we never found any luck with the whole "putting baby down when drowsy" rule. 

I ended up patting them for one hour before they woke up 30 minutes later. Their naps never lasted for longer than 40 minutes. 

It was simply not sustainable. 

Patting for 1 hour. 

They woke up 30 minutes later. 

This happened to my first and my second. I ended up rocking and feeding them both to sleep. 

After two babies, this is my personal opinion (not implying that it applies to everyone):

Some babies are naturally good sleepers. Some may need some assistance at bedtime but they can be put down 'drowsy'. Some simply can't.

Yes, there are sleep solutions out there that could have helped my babies. But if I've tried most of them and followed the rules to the letter, and they just didn't work out, then maybe it's simply down to me accepting the fact that my babies just needed more time and that luck also plays a part



What's your experience been like with baby's sleep routine?

And what are your favourite setting techniques? 

Would love to know your thoughts so please drop a comment below :) xx 

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