Our Story

The concept of One Eco Step is simple. In the process of raising our children, we want to take care of the planet that they will inherit and feel good about our choices.

Children learn your values by watching how you live

Safety is our number one priority. Our products are used personally on our two daughters, rigorously tested by a certified laboratory (SGS), so you can feel assured and confident with One Eco Step.

Our Story

I want Ely to grow healthily in a world that inspires her to be better.

This was my wish when I first became a mum. ⁠

I wasn't thinking about green parenting in those hectic newborn days. Truth is, reality hit hard. ⁠⁠I felt isolated, bitter and exhausted. While I had good intentions, I was low on time, energy and inclination. When it comes to baby products, I sought for convenience and practicality to make our life just a little bit easier. ⁠

When Ely was about a month old, I came across this quote and it stayed with me "children learn your values by watching how you live". I knew then that I wanted to take real action and follow through with what I wished for. Surely we owe it to our children to try? I started small with eco-friendly changes to our lifestyle and parenting choices. But with green baby products being priced quite premium, it's just not something we could afford day-to-day as a working family. ⁠⁠

This is why One Eco Step was created. Without compromising on quality, we make the basics practical, eco-friendly and affordable so it will empower you and many others to take small eco steps to help the planet. ⁠⁠

One Eco Step at a time. 

Our Children. Their Future. 

Lidya. Founder