Top summer activities with your young baby

Top summer activities with young babies

It's almost summer, and we've been dreaming of it after a bitterly cold winter in Melbourne. If you have a young baby, going out has its own set of challenges but it shouldn't stop you from enjoying these top summer activities.

1. Hit the beach 

Going to the beach with a baby can be tricky, but doable with some preparation. If your baby is under 6 months, be careful of the direct sun exposure since sunscreen is not recommended for such young babies. What you can do instead is to invest in a pop-up beach tent that folds and easy to set up to keep your little one safe from the sun. This beach tent is from Cancer Council, has sun protection UPF 50+ and costs $99.95.

Beach tent

 Or if you own a DockATot, you can bring that and get the cabana kit like the below.

DockATot Cabana 

If you have a crawler, going to the beach no longer means soaking in the sun for hours while reading a book. Instead, you're constantly watching over your baby for the sand and shells he's put in his mouth. 

Try packing a small inflatable pool that is travel-friendly to the beach. Fill it with sea water and add some toys to keep baby entertained and contained.

Inflatable Pool

Tip: If you bring a stroller, dragging them behind you is the easiest way to stroll through sand. 

2. Try a baby swim class

Check out the nearest centre that offers infant swimming lessons. Swimming lessons are suitable for babies from 6 months and older, and you will be in the water with them. Usually, there will be 8 babies in a class with a certified swimming teacher. This is a great sensory activity to help build baby's confidence around water.

3. Hiking

Make sure you and baby are both comfortable with your carrier, or you might find yourself with a screaming baby for much of the hike. Start small with easier trails with a friend or your partner and make sure you pack enough supplies. Remember to wear a hat on baby to keep the little one from direct sun exposure. 

4. Sensory play at home

If it gets too warm outside, stay in and keep baby cool at home with sensory play. Get a clear water bottle and place objects such as dirt, grass, flowers and stones into the bottle. Seal the cap and let your baby turn and shake it. Never leave baby unsupervised when participating in sensory play.

Have you had any success with any of these activities? Let us know in the comments below. 



Karen Smoots

Karen Smoots said:

Keeping your baby comfortable in hot weather can be a challenge. Babies are more sensitive to heat than adults and they can get sick quickly if they get too hot. Try to avoid putting them in direct sunlight, and dress them in lightweight clothes that will allow their skin to breathe. You can also give them a cold wet cloth to chew on or splash water on their face and body.

And don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids yourself, especially if you’re breastfeeding! Taking these steps will help make sure your baby is happy and healthy during the summer months. Keep on reading to find out the best tips to keep your baby cool in warm weather.

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