5 lessons about coronavirus and life with 2 under 2

5 lessons about coronavirus and life with 2 under 2

The pros and cons of the much talked about coronavirus.

1. I have more understanding of my husband's work

Before coronavirus, I sometimes play the game when you start the sentence with "You never...". It would mostly sound like this: You never cook dinner. You never put the kids to sleep. You never have the time etc. 

Now that he's working from home, I see the problems he has to solve every day, the calls he has to make and the work he has to catch up on after all those client calls. And he has also gained a new perspective on what life is really like staying at home with 2 kids.

2. I established a good nap time routine, finally breaking the 40-minute spell

We are on day 20 of self-isolation. If you read my previous post, I've struggled with the kids sleeping for no more than 40 minutes at each nap cycle. When we stay home, we have a routine. Wake up, playtime, and when she is tired, I bring her to her room, lower the blinds and feed her to sleep (oops!). She knows that she is going to sleep, and she expects it. And somehow, she starts sleeping for longer and longer.   

3. I stopped working as much 

Life happens, and slowly I just stopped doing the things that make me happy. I take care of the kids, cook and clean in the day. Once I've put the kids to bed, It's already 9 pm and I have to shower for the day and start working. But ever since coronavirus, I slowed down and started doing the things that I really enjoy like watching TV shows and reading. I feel like a new person!

4. Money is tight

It's now even more important to stretch our dollars. Gourmet food now makes way for budget-friendly meals that can preferably be frozen. $30 cheese is now a thing of the past. I've also traded $30 wines to Dan Murphys Under Wraps deals (ranging from $10 to $15). Cheaper alternatives, but still grateful for these simple pleasures.

5. Screen time more than ever  

Extreme mum guilt over this one. I don't even know what the normal standard is for families like us having 2 very young kids.

What I know is that #2 needs to sleep and #1 needs to be entertained. Screen time it is. #2 needs to feed without distractions and #1 needs to be entertained. Screen time it is!


What're your positive and negative experiences with self-isolation at home with kids? Drop us a comment! We would love to hear all about it xx

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