What to do when you're late to the Coronavirus stockpiling party

What to do when you're late to the Coronavirus stockpiling party

It's crazy times these days with the rapid developments around Coronavirus. First, it's the toilet paper and sanitiser, then the baby wipes (to clean not only babies but also adults. I know crazy right?!), and on to pasta, rice, flour and nappies. Every supermarket is low on supplies. 

If you've been to the supermarkets and finding no luck with the everyday essentials, try these eco-friendly alternatives below. 

1. You're running low on baby wipes

At home, clean baby under running water instead of using baby wipes.

Usually recommended for babies with eczema, nappy rash and sensitive skin, you can start cleaning your baby bottom under running water. When you start being conscious of the amount of baby wipes you're using, you're more likely to think about whether you need that extra wipe.

Alternatively, you can cut up old baby towel into squares, place them in a Tupperware and fill up some water. You get reusable cloth wipes! Place soiled cloth wipes in a bucket and rinse with water to get the gunk out. At the end of the day, turn on the pre-wash cycle before running the regular cycle, and wash them together with baby clothes. The pre-wash will rinse away urine, dirt, food, and other not-so-pleasant soil so that the normal wash cycle can disinfect and clean the clothing in fresh water.

2. You're running low on nappies

With #flattenthecurve movement going viral, you might find yourself at home with the kids more than ever. And this is the perfect time to try out cloth nappies. Our personal favourite is Bambooty. My daughter gets nappy rash quite easily, so I have to change her every 2-3 hours. To start, you can try out with 3-5 cloth nappies and see if you like it. 

You'll probably get turned off of having to clean the nappies after a poo explosion. But it's really not that bad. Spray water to get the poo bits off, and place the dirty nappy in a bucket. Similar to the cloth wipes, run a pre-wash cycle before the regular cycle to make the nappies extra clean. 

It also works out to be cheaper in the long-run!

3. You're running low on fresh food

This is for the tired mamas trying to feed everyone, yet too busy to make an elaborate meal.

Roast some vegetables like sweet potato and cauliflower, season with salt and pepper. Beat 5 eggs in a large bowl, add 1 cup of self-raising flour and mix until smooth. Add in your roasted vegetables, some bacon, 1 cup of cheddar cheese and 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. Bake in 170C oven for 30 minutes or until cooked through. 

Super yummy recipe with only a few basic ingredients.

In the meantime, take breaks from reading the news and absorbing the negatives. Take care of your body by eating healthy meals, get plenty of sleep and making time to unwind. It’s quite nice to slow down. Stay safe xx


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