Busy mom guide: 3 Eco-friendly parenting ways to save money

Busy mom guide: 3 Eco-friendly parenting ways to save money

Moms are busy. Whether you're a stay at home mom or a working mom, the struggle is real. This doesn't mean that we're not worried about the planet. We know we're part of the problem. But life happens and eco-friendly parenting can be inconvenient. 

Having said that, it doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach. Instead of having another thing to feel guilty about, try these 3 achievable solutions and start saving money and the planet!

 1. Get a toy library membership

As babies get older and more mobile, toys are great to have around. Yes, they are educational but even better, toys provide a distraction so you can take that extra 30 minutes to whip up dinner or do something else.

Having a toy library membership meant that we could rotate with having different toys every fortnight. You might want to check out your community toy library before committing, but ours have mini see-saws and rocking horse which are amazing as distractions and even better for our budget. Babies get bored so easily, and the last thing you want is to spend $50 on a dancing duck and have it forgotten a week later. 

2. Walk or take public transport

Unless you live in the country, try walking or taking public transport to get around. You can avoid the stress of having to bind your little one in a car seat, driving around to find parking with a crying baby at the back and just not spend that extra cash on petrol and car repayments. 

3. Shower together

Shower together

Half a baby bathtub of water takes up to 20 litres of water. Multiply that by 4 times if you're using a standard bathtub instead. Cutting bath time to 3 times weekly will help save the environment and your energy and water bills too. 

Even better, try showering together with your baby (and baby's siblings) if you can. It's great for those times you're dying for a shower, but feel like you can't leave your baby alone without him/her screaming the house down. Saves time, uses less water and great for shower cuddles. 

Hope these small changes helped you mamas! It's not all about reusable nappies when it comes to eco-friendly parenting. That's just one way to be more resource-conscious, but we can tap into many other ways to make things work for us!

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