Meet the mama behind the brand One Eco Step

Meet the mama behind the brand One Eco Step

Mama Behind the Brand: Lidya

Child's Name & Age: Ely (2), Alaina (11 months)

Capture the essence of your brand in one sentence: 

Affordable and sustainable baby products designed for eco-minded parents. 

What is your favourite product in your collection right now? 

I love the eco-friendly baby feeding bowls at the moment. My kids love baking with me, and we use the bowls all the time from baking in it to eating with these bowls. So versatile and easy to clean! Dishwasher all the way :D

What is the hardest lesson motherhood has taught you?  

To push through no matter how dark and stressed you're feeling. There is no quit button, and it has taught me how to develop a new tolerance for hard. 

Having 2-under-2 with a 16-month age difference is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I can't tell you how many breakdowns I have had in the last year. I was at my breaking point. I would have a big episode of emotional breakdown every week - my husband can tell you that. 

I wanted to just catch a break you know. Just half a day doing my own thing, but I couldn't afford to with the kids being so young and clinging onto me. I was angry, sad, and bitter towards myself, my husband, and my kids. 

There is no magic solution. Time taught me how to forgive myself and keep carrying on trying to be a better mum. 

What would you tell your brand-new-mama-self if you could go back in time?

I would tell her not to spend a fortune on waist training corsets! That will not magically cure her ab separation.

But on a serious note, I would tell her to stop keeping tabs on her husband. To stop comparing how different and *relatively unchanged* his life is to hers. Thats toxic!

How are you coping at the moment with all of the lockdowns? 

Surprisingly okay! With managing our own businesses, my husband and I have been very grateful for the flexibility it's allowed us. I can focus on taking care of the kids in the day without having to turn up to 3 pm zoom meetings. I work at night on the business side - it's a lot of juggling and very little me time. But hey, it can be so much worse. 

What is getting you through?

Definitely teamwork. My husband is so hands-on and tries his hardest to help me out when he's not working. 

We struggled at the start with the kids wanting to be out more, but they adapt to it over time and are happy spending most time indoors. We have to resort to a lot of screen time, but owell *shrugs*. 


To check out One Eco Step's eco-friendly collection, click here. We are so excited to introduce our New Mum and Baby pack this month. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when it drops!


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