Easy and gentle exercise for postpartum mamas

Easy and gentle exercise post C-section that is good for you

Everything hurts after a C-section. When the hospital physiotherapist told me to start practising my pelvic floor as soon as 3 days after my child's birth, I was hesitant. I've been doing reformer pilates 3-4 times a week for 7 years before my first daughter, I thought I knew how to engage my pelvic floor. But I was wrong. 

When I tried to engage my pelvic floor at 3 days postpartum, my abdominal muscles hurt. Turned out I've been clenching and unconsciously using my abdominal muscles thinking they were my pelvic floor! And that's when I knew I've been doing it wrong all these years. 

C-section mamas, as your baby grows bigger and heavier, you may feel weak at your core when you need to lift them up from the cot/floor, or when you need to lift your stroller in and out of the car. It's time to start easing back to some gentle pelvic floor exercise to start strengthening our deep core muscles. 

How to engage your pelvic floor the right way - S3 studio physiotherapist

1. Start with a nice resting position 

Lay on a nice resting position

Let everything go heavy and relax. 

2. Breathe in and imagine if you were to suck a little feather from the tip of the crotch

Breathe in and imagine you were to suck a little feather from the tip pf you crotch 

The pelvic floor should not be clenched or squeezed. It's like lifting a feather, not a rock or a pebble. Your pelvic floor forms your core and this is a crucial part of the recovery. 

3. Continue the engagement through the belly button and up to the sternum 

Continue the engagement through the belly button and up to the sternum 

4. Hold the feather up at the sternum and breathe out

5. Repeat this exercise 6-8 times a day

6. You can also add another variation by doing a small curl up

 Curl up

Engage your pelvic floor first, before you do a little curl up. Your core area should be flat (see image), instead of bulging into a cone. Do this 6-8 times a day. 

Breastfeeding mamas, if you're feeling tight and closed up around your shoulders, give this easy exercise a go

You will need a foam roller for this exercise. 

Exercise for Breastfeeding mamas

First, get comfortable. Let your body and muscle mould to the roller. Engage your pelvic floor, remember nice and light.

Exercise for breastfeeding mamas

Everything else relaxed, lift your arms overhead and bring it down again to your sides. Repeat this for 8-10 times.

Like S3 studio physiotherapist Josh say "Things that are easy make the biggest difference!" Hope this helps mamas! It's time we start feeling strong again xx

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